10 things I hate about you, Coronavirus

I hate the way you took over our lives
I hate how quickly you grew
I hate that now I can’t give out high-fives
For you seem to be imitating the flu

I hate this pandemic you easily spread
I hate how I can’t see my friends
I hate how government officials have said
This isolation we’re in might extend

I hate how bars, restaurants and shops have closed
I hate how you’re affecting our health
I hate the inconvenience you have truly imposed
For the sake of countries and our commonwealth

I hate that we had to cancel our travel plans
I hate that you’re spiking again
I hate how I constantly have to wash my hands
When all I want is yoga and Zen

I hate the way you’re always around
And the fact that you didn’t call
But mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you at all
Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all

(I still hate you but I had to include that famous line, right?)

I must admit there are a few things I like
There seems to be a few benefits coming from this
Like how I’m walking again, running and riding a bike

But don’t get me wrong, you’re not all bliss

I like that I’ve found time for myself again
To be with family, unwind and enjoy life
I can read, do yoga and finally achieve my Zen
Even if you’re causing a lot of strife

Yes, you are horrible and have affected many things
But during this chaos I’ve found time for me
Whether it’s art, reading or my non-ability to sing
For once we’re not too busy and finally free

I do like the attention you’ve brought to cleaning and germs
I’m a specialist in that area you see
It’s great to see the world has finally come to terms
With the fight against bacteria, it’s something we can all agree

From cleaning countertops to steaming fibres
You’ve definitely kept us busy
Thanks to hard work we’ve grown our subscribers
And now for a bottle of fizzy

So yes, Coronavirus, we hate and love you at the same time
You’ve reminded us what’s essential
To acknowledge this, I’ve made a corny rhyme
That’s purely coincidental

So please leave soon, we don’t want you to stay around
You’ve caused enough strife
But thank you for enabling us to have found
The more finer things in life

words by Anthony Graetz