Becoming an Employer of Choice: My Experience

As the CEO and Director of Lifestyle Cleaning Services, I’ve always thought that our people are our most important resource. A key element of our success has been cultivating a work environment where our team members feel appreciated, encouraged, and inspired. But what precisely qualifies as a “Employer of Choice”? It’s a business that goes above and above the norm, encouraging a climate of advancement, respect, and sincere care for staff wellbeing. People who are lucky enough to work for such firms report much greater levels of job satisfaction, and in today’s cutthroat employment market, being an Employer of Choice is more important than ever.

Over 5000 respondents to a recent Glassdoor survey (2019) stated that they would even consider accepting a lower income if it meant they would be pleased and cared for in their new career. The survey also revealed that 77% of workers examine a company’s culture before applying for a new role. These statistics demonstrate the strategic importance of creating an environment where employees thrive, and they certainly drive me as a leader to create a workplace where my colleagues not only want to work but also love what they do.

So what are the steps I (or any director) can take to make there business an Employer of Choice? Great question! I believe I have some of the answers so I recently collated some of my research and the advice that helped me design the initiatives for Lifestyle Cleaning, to create a fantastic workplace for my staff. Here are some of the tactics I have used that you might find valuable for your company, without further ado.

Training and Personal Development

 Cited in an article from the Harvard Business Review (2022), a ‘Best Buys’ survey found that employees who have access to professional development opportunities are 34% more likely to stay on the job and are 15% more engaged with their work. While for Aussie businesses require frequent tool box talks to adhere to SafeWork Australia regulations, we have used them as an opportunity to engage with our cleaners. Our monthly talks not only include a mandatory training component, but we also use these meeting for team bonding activities, staff birthday announcements and also team bonding exercises related to that month’s cleaning safety theme. We also offer external training opportunities to our team leaders to further sharpen their skills and to provide them with an opportunity to grow within the company. As a result, these strategies have increased engagement with our staff and the feedback has been positive overall. I, personally, have found that staff have been more receptive to pick up extra duties and take extra shifts since giving a much needed ‘face lift’ to our tool box talks.

Beyond Benefits

 In addition to merely offering perks to my employees, I have also demonstrated Lifestyle Cleaning Services’ dedication to its team members by implementing competitive benefits. We provide competitive salaries, fuel allowances, and necessary equipment as a benefit of work (would you believe some cleaning businesses charge their staff for cleaning agents?) Because our team leaders travel between sites much more than the cleaning staff does for their job, we have also implemented fleet vehicles for them. I also established a company social club for all employees, to which they contribute a nominal monthly fee that is matched by me and placed in the club’s bank account. Quarterly team-building activities are then completely sponsored by matched company and employee contributions. We are aware that these benefits improve social well-being, camaraderie, and team cohesion for both our employees and the business. Cleaning is a difficult job, so I designed my company’s activities using my in-depth knowledge of the industry to make sure my crew are content and eager to come to work every day. Because our comprehensive benefits package is a critical part of our commitment to being an Employer of Choice, it is important to highlight it when Lifestyle Cleaning publishes a job.

Develop Career Pathways.

 At Lifestyle Cleaning Services, we are committed to our team members’ growth and development, thus we believe in offering them clear and attainable career tracks. The route from a cleaner to a team leader is one of the thrilling career paths we provide. We admire our cleaners’ capacity to assume new responsibilities in addition to the great skills and dedication they bring to their jobs. An individual who leads a team has the chance to show off their leadership abilities, coach and encourage their team members, and add to the overall success of our projects. To ensure that team leaders have the resources they need to lead successfully, we offer training and support to help them flourish in their positions. This career path is just one illustration of how we enable our staff to grow their careers with us and create a workforce that is not only skilled but also driven to improve.

Just the Beginning.

Although becoming an Employer of Choice takes time, the work is definitely worth it. By focusing on employee satisfaction, advancement, and wellbeing, businesses can recruit and retain the best employees in the industry, which promotes a cycle of success and growth.

Keep in mind that these strategies are not limited to any particular trade. Putting these techniques into action will make you an Employer of Choice, differentiating you in a crowded job market where job seekers have many options to select from, whether you work in commercial cleaning or another industry. It can be challenging to stand out in the competitive job market of today, but with the appropriate tactics and a leadership attitude, you can ensure the long-term success of the company.

People Who Value People, Value Lifestyle Cleaning Services.