Cleaning for a Healthy Business

Cold and flu can take a toll on the health of the ordinary person. In addition, it affects the business environment as well. More employees start reporting sick and take sick leave thereby affecting the productivity of the company. Cost wise, the estimates for meeting the hospitalisation charges of the employees would be in the range of $10.4 billion a year. And that’s without accounting for the productivity loss and the overtime you have to pay for substitutes. Moreover, the cold and flu are contagious, capable of affecting others as well.

“A clean workplace means healthier employees.” An employer should emphasize this fact to employees. Your employees are happier when the workspace is fresh, clean, and free from accumulated dust and dirt. The air smells sweet, and is healthier to breathe. While many businesses understand the need for ongoing employee training and recognize that a healthy company culture is important, very little thought may be paid to the most important factor in productivity – pure, clean air.

Cleaning with an eye on health helps reduce “sick building syndrome,” infections and respiratory problems — and it benefits not only the building’s occupants, but also the cleaning employees, since cleaner and healthier workplaces tend to experience less absenteeism among workers.

While it is well-established that polluted air is a risk to human health, many business owners may not realize the significant impact of unhealthy indoor air. Within the walls of a business, the air may be contaminated with particulate matter, which is continuously circulated by the HVAC system. Research reveals that polluted indoor air quality leads to a significant drop in productivity. It is believed that dirty, unhealthy indoor air diminishes human cognitive function.

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