How I Get Motivated to Clean My House

Sometimes whistling a happy tune isn’t enough to get you in the mood to tackle those nasty household chores like cleaning the oven and pulling out the refrigerator to vacuum behind. When the prospect of scrubbing the bathroom grout leaves you cold, there may be a few things you can do to get yourself ready for the coming battle. It’s mind over matter that counts. And when the matter is dirt, grime, and gunk, it takes determination and inspiration to grab your rubber gloves instead of heading out to a movie (or shopping) instead.


If you’re the designated housecleaner for your family, you spend an average of 10 hours each month taking one for the team. Let’s dust off effective ways you can stop dreading dust and embrace your inner merry maid.


Learn from the experts at Lifestyle Cleaning Services. These are our top 7 tips for getting motivated to clean.

Clean in the Morning

If you put the most daunting task at the beginning of your day, it’ll get done quicker. The best part? You get to go through the rest of your day with a wonderful sense of accomplishment.



Set a Schedule and Stick to It

Things that get scheduled have a better chance of getting done. Dedicate a specific time each week to cleaning. You never have to worry about when you will get around cleaning. If it helps, you can even make a detailed list of what you want to accomplish during that time.


Prepare your Stuff

Store your tools and products in one spot and make sure everything’s ready for action. In fact, buy a bucket or caddy to keep it all together as you clean your way around the house.


Have A Routine

A great way to effectively use your time while cleaning is to have a routine—a checklist of cleaning tasks that you will follow to help you stay on track. Think of it as a Google map for your cleaning—it’ll help you get where you need to be in a quick, efficient manner! You might also find it helpful to do a little research beforehand to learn some techniques for cleaning an item that you have questions about.


First Things First

Have you ever noticed that when you finally get around to doing something that you’ve put off for a long time, that it isn’t really as hard as you thought it would be? The biggest barrier to cleaning your home is getting started—everything after that is pretty straightforward.


Avoid Distractions

These days we have more distractions than ever. While checking your text messages might only take you 10 seconds, it takes you away from your cleaning just long enough to completely lose focus. So now, you have to go through re-starting process all over again. To avoid temptation, turn off your cell phone, TV, laptop, tablet etc. This is the time to care for your home.

Turn up the music!!!

The Seven Dwarves had it right. A little music can go a long way. Play your favorite tunes while you tend to your cleaning, and turn it into a dance party.


And finally, think of all the positives that come from cleaning. It’s been proven time and time again that a clean home leads to a happier life. Therefore, the process of cleaning is actually the process of building a more contented life—and trust me on this one, it’s MUCH easier to enjoy your time in ANY space, be it a living space or even your workspace when it’s a clean space!


Have a happy cleaning session!



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