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“Getting Transparent, Fair Commercial Cleaning Quotes for Your Hunter Valley/Newcastle Business.”

Searching for a reliable commercial cleaning service for your Hunter Valley company? The process can get confusing fast, sorting through vague or cheap quotes that seem “too good to be true.”

As a business manager, you want a commercial cleaning services who respects your budget while offering staff and practices that maintain your property to high standards.

But how can a business manager, in need of a cleaner, tell the difference between a great and a dodgy quote? Read on as we demystify commercial cleaning quotes so you can spot the ‘red flags’ and make the best decision for your businesses needs and budget.

 “Cheap” Quotes = Multiple Red Flags

Commercial cleaning quotes come in all shapes, sizes and prices. The enticingly low rates generally catch the attention of business owners, while the cost cutting that allowed for the quote to be so cheap is often overlooked. Dodgy services tend to cut critical areas like:

  • Fair pay and benefits for cleaning staff, as outlined under Cleaning Services Award.
  • Adequate insurance policies to cover clients and employees.
  • Investing in the latest tools and equipment.
  • Proper worker training and professional development.
  • Well trained supervisors that perform regular client or site check-ins

By skimping in these areas, commercial cleaning operators often diminish  their service quality and output for quick financial gains, often seeing high staff turnover and poor reviews as a result. Business owners often end paying the price, in time and money, so before you gamble on shady quotes, get clear on precisely what factors create accurate, sustainable commercial cleaning quotes.

Key Elements Of Quality Cleaning Quotes

Commercial cleaning companies should generally aim to account for multiple factors when crafting a tailored cleaning solution for your property or business. Consider whether a commercial cleaning service has addressed the following when you receive their service quote:

  • Base wage rates + superannuation contributions
  • Staff management and quality assurance oversight
  • Fleet maintenance and travel costs
  • Cleaning solutions + equipment expenses
  • General business expenses
  • Frequency of cleaning (daily/weekly/monthly)
  • Size of the property
  • Type of Industry

Essentially, an ethical and sustainable commercial cleaning quote often appears expensive, but is to carefully balance all of the above factors, while delivering a reliable service that meets the needs of the recipient customer.

That’s all great information… but what is the cost?

That’s a great question! Ultimately, your commercial cleaning quote will be comprised of these four key elements:

  1. The specified hourly rate of the commercial cleaners.
  2. Your site set-up fees (equipment and products)
  3. The size of your site and cleaning frequency
  4. Support costs eg. Travel costs

For example, our quotes at Lifestyle Cleaning stand on a foundation of transparency by walking our clients through pricing specifics, as well as tailoring to the unique to needs of Newcastle and Hunter Valley areas:

  • Specialised equipment/training for hazardous sites eg. Mining sites, White Cards, WHS laws.
  • Meeting wine industry sanitisation regulations for our Cellar Door clients.
  • Additional transit costs for staff.
  • How clean do you want your property to be?

We encourage you to probe us, or any commercial cleaning company you approach, about staff wages, training programs, and equipment investments detailed in our quotes. The priority of good any commercial cleaning service an open and trusting partnership with their clients.

Discover the Lifestyle Cleaning Services Difference

By operating honestly, Lifestyle Cleaning Services creates quotes both beneficial for your budget and reflective of our wholehearted commitment to caring for your property or site for however long you need us!

We hope this article has helped shed light on how a decent cleaning quote is constructed and encourage you to not settle for vague or cheap quotes with hidden downsides. If you have received a quote recently that believe to be “too good to be true” feel free to give us an obligation free call on (02) 4932 8187.

Or you can fill out a quick contact form here. Consider investing in a commercial cleaning service you can feel good about, invest in Lifestyle Cleaning.