How the World Cleans


As you spend your Saturday morning mopping the floors and wiping down the kitchen benches, it’s easy to let your mind wander. Whether you’re thinking about your next cleaning chore, what’s for dinner or when to fit in another episode of Kath & Kim, it’s safe to say we all get lost in our little world.

But while wrapped up in your own thoughts, have you ever stopped and questioned the cleaning methods we practice every day? Are they similar to those practiced on the other side of the world?

Well, a recent Swedish study conducted by Research Now, explored the various cleaning habits people possess from all corners of the world. We’ve rounded up the top ten interesting facts from study which shows how the world cleans.

  1. Russia cleans the longest
    In the countries surveyed, the average length of time spent cleaning each week was around five hours. Most people felt that this was an appropriate timeframe to clean their homes, however, it turns out that Russiaspends more time cleaning than everyone else. According to them, a good clean takes around ten house to complete each week!
  2. Brazil loves its chemicals
    Sadly worldwide, four out of five people use chemical detergents while cleaning their homes. Brazil however, is slightly above this international average as seventy-five per cent of Brazilians say that they prefer strong chemical detergents such as chlorine and bleach. A further twenty-five per cent only stated they use environmentally-friendly products.
  3. China does not enjoy cleaning the kitchen
    Sixty-five per cent of Chinese respondents stated that cleaning the kitchen is the hardest chore to complete. They would prefer any and every other task to avoid the horrors of the kitchen clean. But isn’t it so worth it with their delicious cuisine?
  4. France loves to dance while cleaning
    In France, a whopping ninety per cent of people prefer to listen to music while completing their weekly cleaning chores. Seventy-one per cent of people admitted that they always listen to music while cleaning, and that singing out loud or dancing along makes the chore more amusing. We can agree on that!
  5. Australia likes to blast a good tune too

Australian respondents also like to clean to music. Sixty-five per cent said that they listen to music while cleaning, however an interesting thirty-five per cent said they don’t like the distraction and prefer to focus entirely on their cleaning.Obviously, they haven’t heard of Kylie Minogue.

  1. America loves to talk to themselves

An interesting eighty-five per cent of Americans admitted to talking out loud while cleaning their homes, in order to sort out their thoughts. Apparently, the American respondents get easily distracted and talk out loud in order to make to-do lists, little reminders and so on.

  1. Japan adores its electrical cleaning appliances

In technology-loving Japan, sixty-three per cent of people are already thinking about buying a new cleaning appliance in the near future. And it’s no wonder, electrical appliances are highly rated in Japan, with eighty-two per cent of respondents already utilising practical cleaning appliances.

  1. Turns out, Britain only cleans when visitors are expected

In a hilarious but relatable result, respondents from the UK have admitted to only cleaning their homes before parents are due to visit. Seventy-five per cent of British people don’t find it necessary to always clean their homes, and will only do a spruce up before someone plans to comes over. Why is this so relatable?

  1. Britain, America and Australia love to clean their cars

This result comes as no surprise! It seems as though the British, Americans and Australians love to keep their devoted cars spic and span. An average of fifty per cent all respondents from these countries said they wash their car at least once a week. Gone are the days of moving all your friend’s trash from car seat to car floor in order to sit down.

  1. Cleanliness is important to us all
    Last but not least, Research Now wraps up the study by stating that on average, ninety-four per cent of those surveyed across the world said that a clean home is very important. Not only for presentation but for good health too, it seems as though everyone around the world cleans their homes, no matter the various methods in doing so.


Words by Anthony Graetz