How to Properly Clean Your Carpet


Carpet cleaning can be a bit stressful at times. Especially if you don’t know how to maintain it to be clean and fresh. Carpet can add color or style to any household. It shows the character and personality of every owner. Thus, it has to be maintained to stay as clean and presentable as possible. Here are some of the steps we can follow in caring for our carpets.

  1. Choose the right vacuum. Taking good care of your carpets needs the right vacuum, cleaning products and a little TLC. Vacuum your carpet regularly to prevent dirt from piling up and embedding inside the carpet. A vacuum with a rotating brush, a beater bar or suction are among your choices depending on your type of carpet.
  2. Deal with stains on the spot. In case of a food spillage, treat the affected area right away. The longer the spill sits in the carpet, the harder it is to remove said spill. It also helps reduce the bacteria or other problems associated with the spill. Never rub or wet the area when trying to remove the dirt. It will roughen the area and may ruin the surface of the affected section.
  3. The right cleaning method. For deep cleaning of our beloved carpets, it is essential to remove deep-set dirt and other pollutants. There are lots of products that claim to remove deep stained dirt but be careful of the harmful chemicals they bring which may damage the surface of the carpet. Don’t spend too much on these products when you can add a little more money to hire a professional carpet cleaner who uses top quality and environmentally friendly products.
  4. Have experts take care of it. Choosing a cleaning method is important to maintaining the quality and the look of our carpet. You may use a cleaning agent that specializes in carpet cleaning but the best way is to have experts clean it for you. Choose the expert that uses environmentally friendly cleaning materials and also uses the correct method to ensure your carpets are cleaned thoroughly. They will use cleaning equipment that has more extraction power than the normal rental equipment.

Maintaining carpets can be a bit tricky and confusing as to the correct way of cleaning. That’s why we at Lifestyle Cleaning Services make sure that all your carpet cleaning needs are met and taken care of.