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“Is my workplace safe?”: How a clean office is a boon to WHS regulations.

Safety in the workplace is considered a major aspect of an employer’s “Primary Duty of care”, under WHS law in Australia. Safe Work Australia states: “Employers or businesses, or anyone who falls under the definition of a ‘person conducting a business or undertaking’ (a PCBU), has legal obligations under work health and safety laws.”. Safe work Australia has provided a list of duties for business operators that fit this description and not actioning this list of duties can result in heavy fines or even criminal prosecution under Division 5 in the  “Work Health & Safety Act 2011” legislation. So what part does hiring a commercial cleaner play in fulfilling these legal obligations? The following article will explore how hiring a commercial cleaner can be a major help in fulfilling WHS obligations and provide a safe and stress free environment for both employer and employees to work in.

Hazards and Hygiene: Minimising Risk

General hygiene procedures and clearing high traffic areas of a workspace of clutter and trip hazards all contribute to adhering to WHS standards. A clean and well-maintained workplace significantly reduces the risk of employee injury and the spread of harmful germs and bacteria. Employers may find that keeping on top of employee hygiene and conducting regular office inspections for physical hazards may be prove difficult during their busy day to day activities. This is where hiring a professional commercial cleaner plays a key role in ensuring that your office or workspace receives regular and thorough cleaning with routine inspections.  A professional cleaning teams tasks include reducing slip and trip hazards, clearing clutter, and maintaining clean floors. Moreover, commercial cleaners have the expertise to sanitize high-contact surfaces, such as doorknobs, light switches, and shared equipment, preventing the spread of germs and reducing the likelihood of illnesses among your staff.

Handling Hazardous Materials

Certain industries, like manufacturing or construction, can involve the use of hazardous materials or substances, which require careful handling and proper disposal. Commercial cleaners are trained in high risk settings, like builders cleans for construction sites, possess the necessary tickets and knowledge to handle and dispose of hazards safely. This help employers ensuring compliance with WHS regulations are happening on site and minimising the risk of harm to employees and the environment. Their expertise in in these spaces is certainly transferable to office settings and ‘brick and mortar’ businesses, ensuring business owners peace of mind, allowing them to focus on your core business operations while ensuring the safe handling of hazardous substances within your workspace.

Boosting Employee Morale and Productivity

While “Primary Duty of Care” is a legal requirement, a clean and well-organized workspace is proven to have a positive impact on employee morale, motivation, and productivity. Hiring a commercial cleaner, like Lifestyle Cleaning Services, creates an environment that promotes professionalism and employee satisfaction. A clutter-free workspace enhances focus, efficiency, and creativity, enabling your employees to perform their best. When employees feel valued and supported through a clean and hygienic workspace, they are more likely to experience higher job satisfaction, leading to increased productivity and a healthier work atmosphere.

WHS Compliance

Australian WHS laws, under the 2011 Act, outline specific requirements for businesses to adhere to workplace health and safety regulations. Failure to meet the criteria in the Act can lead to heavy fines and, in certain cases, imprisonment for the offender. Below is the list of “Primary Duty of Care” guidelines Safe Work Australia provide on their website:

  • observing all legal requirements regarding health and safety
  • resourcing and implementing health and safety procedures and programs
  • planning to do all work safely
  • making sure that all work is conducted without risk to workers’ health and safety
  • identifying health and safety training required for an activity
  • ensuring workers undertake appropriate and specific safety training
  • consulting workers about health and safety
  • investigating hazard reports and making sure corrective actions are undertaken
  • making sure workers can quickly receive and respond to information regarding incidents, hazards and risks.

Hiring professional commercial cleaners demonstrates your commitment, as an employer, to WHS compliance and reinforces your efforts to safeguard the health and well-being of your employees. By entrusting cleaning responsibilities to professionals who understand WHS requirements, you ensure that your workplace is maintained in accordance with the above prescribed standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential financial penalties.

Dust off your WHS worries with LCS

While the thought of financial penalties and imprisonment seem daunting, hiring a commercial cleaner is a proven and effective strategy for business owners in Australia to fulfil their “Primary Duty of Care” obligations. By engaging professionals to maintain a clean and hazard-free workspace, you minimize workplace risks, promote hygiene, and demonstrate compliance with WHS regulations. Additionally, commercial cleaning services, like LCS, ensure the proper handling of hazardous materials when necessary, reducing the potential for accidents and environmental damage. Finally, a clean and well-maintained workspace enhances employee morale, productivity, and job satisfaction.

If you are a business owner that feels their workplace may not be up to safety and hygiene standards, consider giving Lifestyle Cleaning Services a call on 02 4932 8187 for an obligation-free quote. You can also fill out a contact form here!

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