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January 2024: A Fresh & Clean Start for Your Staff

Putting your employees’ well-being, output, and morale first is still critical for Newcastle and Hunter Valley businesses as we start a new year. As we pack away the Christmas tree, recover from the festivities and return to the daily grind, considering how to make that return the best it can possibly be is a good place to start. One way your staff can smoothly settle back into the workplace is with a fresh, clean and pristine setting. The simple truth is, even incremental cleanliness improvements generate immense benefits that better support achieving your company goals.

Lifestyle Cleaning Services has compiled a quick and easy-to-read article on the benefits of having your workspace professionally cleaned and ready for a cracking 2024.

The proof is in the Pudding People. 

Protecting your staff from absenteeism is a simple formula; A Clean Office = Reduced Staff Sick Days: If you closed your office or workspace over Christmas, without thoroughly cleaning it, there is a reasonable chance germs and bacteria have propagated over the break. If left untreated, unseen bacteria on shared surfaces can quickly transmit sickness. There is a solution, hiring a professional commercial cleaner that has the skills and knowledge to clean the areas we generally overlook. Having a professional commercial cleaner prepare and deep-clean your office in January will provide you and your staff with a clean start to 2024.

Clean Break Rooms Boost Productivity: A tired team can lack motivation, and the return to work after Christmas and New Years is hard for every employee and business owner. Providing your staff with a clean environment to settle down and break bread with each other is a great way to get them back into the swing of things. Our kitchen tidying and appliance scrubbing means welcoming areas for recharging focus during the first lunch break on that crucial first day back.

Everyone LOVES a Fresh & Clean Bathroom: Lets face it; staff going to the bathroom is inevitable during work hours. If your staff are greeted with foul restroom odours and un-sanitised surfaces, this may disrupt concentration while signalling management apathy for a high traffic area frequented by employees. With professional commercial cleaners like us, scrubbing and odour elimination is our game, and a clean bathroom conveys you respect your employees’ dignity.

Clean Windows & a Bright Start: Here at Lifestyle Cleaning, we often say “You wouldn’t greet customers with a dirty face, so what about the face of your business?” Windows serve multiple purposes:

  • They allow for the display company branding and signage
  • They let in natural light which has a positive effect on staff wellbeing
  • They are the customer’s first impression & glimpse into your business

Dirty windows leave a bad impression on both your staff and your customers. Professional commercial cleaners have the tools, like our Water Fed Pole System, to thoroughly clean and wash windows, leaving them looking shiny and new. If you want your staff to experience beautiful Aussie sunlight and also leave a lasting impression on clientele, consider hiring a commercial cleaner to take care of it for you.

The correlation between a clean environment and improved employee morale and performance is undeniable. Clean offices not only prevent illness but also foster an environment that demonstrates care and respect for employees’ well-being, and leaves a lasting impression on customers

As we step into 2024, let’s prioritise the little things that yield significant results, starting with a thoroughly cleaned workspace. Lifestyle Cleaning Services are experts at creating effective cleaning plans that are tailored to refresh work spaces.

Does a fresh start in 2024 sound good to you? Give us a call at 02 4932 8187 for an obligation-free quote or fill out our contact form here. Let’s begin the year with a workspace that not only sparkles but also fosters a healthier, happier, and more motivated team.

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