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Maintaining Factory Standards in the Hunter: A Commercial Cleaning Perspective.

Manufacturing and industry in the Hunter Valley relies on healthy workers to continue operating and producing materials. To keep our Aussie workers healthy, it is crucial to prioritise health and hygiene with in these high traffic work spaces. Environments such as factory floors, staff bathrooms and common areas are frequently used by workers that operate machines and equipment that produce a high volume of dust and particles that are easily spread throughout these areas. To maintain a safe and clean work environment, it is essential to give special attention to common areas and employee showers. One way ensure the well-being of industry employees and prevent the spread of illnesses is consistent commercial cleaning.

Lifestyle Cleaning Services are here to help and we have created a handy guide that showcases some valuable commercial cleaning tips and practises we use to help our industrial and manufacturing customers.

Common Area Cleanliness Matters

Common areas within industrial sites serve as gathering points for employees during breaks and shift changes. These spaces can quickly become breeding grounds for bacteria and viruses if not properly maintained. To keep common areas clean and hygienic, consider the following tips:

  1. Regular Commercial Cleaning Schedules: Establish a consistent cleaning schedule for common areas. High-traffic zones should be cleaned daily, while less frequented areas may require less frequent attention. This prevents the accumulation of dirt and germs over time.
  2. Use of Hospital-Grade Chemicals: Opt for hospital-grade cleaning chemicals that are known for their effectiveness in killing germs and viruses. These chemicals are specially formulated to provide a deep clean and reduce the risk of disease transmission.
  3. Eco-Friendly Cleaning Solutions: Consider eco-friendly cleaning solutions that not only clean effectively but also minimise the impact on the environment. Many industrial sites are now opting for environmentally conscious cleaning practices to reduce their carbon footprint.
  4. Hand Sanitisers and Soap Dispensers: Install hand sanitizer stations and soap dispensers in common areas. Encourage employees to practice proper hand hygiene to prevent the spread of illnesses. Regularly refill these stations to ensure they are always available.

 The Importance of Clean Showers

 Staff showers serve a crucial role in maintaining the standards of worker personal hygiene on industrial sites. Particularly in hazardous work environments, clean and well-maintained showers are necessary for preventing the spread of disease among staff. Here are some commercial cleaning suggestions for maintaining spotless staff showers:

  1. Frequent Commercial Cleaning: Staff restrooms should be regularly cleaned and disinfected. Commercial cleaning services can create a cleaning schedule that corresponds to the frequency of use, and  provide special attention to frequently neglected areas such as shower heads, faucets, and grout lines.
  1. Hand Sanitisers and Eco-Friendly Soaps: Provide hand sanitisers and environmentally responsible soaps in the shower area. Employees should have easy access to these hygiene essentials before and after using the showers.
  1. Anti-Slip Measures: To reduce the risk of accidents, implement anti-slip commercial cleansing measures in shower areas. Slip-resistant mats and frequent professional floor cleaning can help prevent slips and accidents, ensuring the safety of your employees.
  1. Ventilation: Proper ventilation is required to prevent the growth of mould and fungus in shower areas. Ensure that showers are adequately ventilated and that there are sufficient drying areas to prevent moisture.

The Role of Hand Sanitisers and Eco-Friendly Soaps in Commercial Cleaning 

Hand sanitizers and eco-friendly soaps are essential components of maintaining hygiene in industrial sites. Here’s why they are crucial in commercial cleaning:

  1. Hand Sanitizers in Commercial Cleaning: Hand sanitisers are convenient and effective instruments for maintaining hand hygiene in commercial cleaning. They can rapidly kill germs and bacteria, reducing the risk of disease transmission. Place hand disinfectant dispensers in strategic locations throughout the industrial site, including in common areas and near entrances.
  1. Eco-Friendly Soaps in Commercial Cleaning: Not only are eco-friendly soaps gentle on the epidermis, but they are also environmentally conscious. Due to their natural composition and lack of harsh compounds, they are favoured by many industrial site managers. These detergents contribute to a healthier workforce and have minimal environmental impact. 

Simple Sanitary Solutions

Prioritising health and hygiene in industrial settings is critical for ensuring employee safety and limiting disease spread. Industrial site managers may establish a safe and sanitary workplace for their staff by setting regular commercial cleaning schedules, using effective commercial cleaning chemicals, and offering hand sanitizers and eco-friendly soaps. These commercial cleaning practises not only safeguard employees but also foster a clean and responsible workplace atmosphere.

Remember that keeping your industrial site clean and sanitary not only improves the health and safety of your personnel, but it also improves the reputation of your company. It’s a win-win situation that assures the safety of your employees as well as the success of your industrial operations by using appropriate commercial cleaning practises.

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