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Meet Kym: One of the best Commercial & Strata Cleaners in Newcastle.

Commercial cleaning is hard work and having a raw and unabashed enthusiasm for the task can be a rare trait among most people, even professional cleaners themselves. Our strata cleaner, Kym, is a cleaner that inspires awe in both her supervisors and co-workers alike as she is always keen and ready to make a difference for our clients. We caught up with Kym to learn a little bit more about her passion for cleaning and why she loves working for Lifestyle Cleaning Services.

Hospitable and Hospitality

Kym is a child of the Hunter Valley, who previously worked in various bistros and cafe’s, in Morpeth and Maitland, as a manager for 15 years. When her family was struck with sudden health issues, Kym moved into the world of cleaning, doing NDIS cleans in the area. This is where her passion for the role began as she quickly realised that cleaning was her jam. She told us that:

“I have a lot of pride for my work and I work and strive for that appreciation. For that reason, I don’t see cleaning as challenging. If anything I have too much pride in my cleaning and that annoys my kids!”

This passion and enthusiasm for cleaning has been the driving force behind her success in Lifestyle Cleaning. Kym has only been with us for a few months and has already taken on multiple cleans and the support and training of other staff members. Kym is also great with our clients, often chatting to tenants with a smile while she cleans for them.

Attention to Detail and Reliability

For our Strata and Commercial clients, Kym’s attention to detail is unrivalled. She does all in his power to keep every nook and cranny immaculate and every surface shining. Because of their dedication to excellence, they are a valuable asset to Lifestyle Cleaning Services. Furthermore, Kym is outstanding in terms of dependability. Kym is routinely the employee that our team turns to when they need to fill a shift because of an illness or unforeseen circumstances. Kym’s eagerness to help out when needed is evidence of their commitment and dependability.

A Clean Fighter

We asked Kym about her interests outside of commercial cleaning, and she shared that “I am very active, I used to be very into martial arts I’ve done, Brazillian  Ju-Jitsu, Krav Maga, and kick boxing”. She added that nower days she settles for going to the beach, stating “Sun, sand and Waves… It’s my ZEN!!”

If your business values people like we value ours, Lifestyle Cleaning Services could be your perfect commercial cleaning partner. With professionals like Kym on our team, you can trust us to deliver exceptional commercial cleaning and Strata cleaning services tailored to your needs.

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