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Meet Saxon: Our Exceptional Commercial Cleaner in the Hunter Valley

Are you looking for a trustworthy, professional commercial cleaning service in Newcastle or the Hunter Valley? You’ve discovered it! We are proud to introduce you to Saxon, one of our top cleaners, on behalf of Lifestyle Cleaning Services. Saxon is an exceptional employee in the commercial cleaning industry; he has seven years of experience and has excelled at cleaning ever since he joined Lifestyle Cleaning Services in May. Recently, Saxon took some time outside of his cleaning duties to discuss his love of commercial cleaning and what “makes him tick.”

Saxon’s Commercial Cleaning Career

At the age of 14, Saxon worked as a cinema cleaner, which began his journey into a career in professional commercial cleaning. “The leftover popcorn from moviegoers isn’t as bad as you think… the volume wasn’t as much as most people see,” Saxon assured us.  Later, Saxon was offered a role in industrial cleaning services for Hunter Valley mining sites. There he found his love for commercial cleaning and the fulfilling sensation he experienced each time he cleaned for a client. Saxon’s experience is evidence of his adaptability; he has excelled in professional commercial cleaning settings, and since joining Lifestyle Cleaning, he has frequently demonstrated his capacity to adjust to different cleaning problems and provide quality cleaning solutions through his work.

Exceptional Achievements

The staff at Lifestyle has taken note of Saxon’s dedication to providing superior cleaning services. Lifestyle Cleaning Services awarded Saxon with the prestigious “Company Seal” award in recognition of their significant contribution to the growth of the company. This honour is a reflection of their commitment, enthusiasm, and the important contribution he has made to the development of our business. Additionally, since joining our team, Saxon has continually demonstrated excellent communication and teamwork abilities, and for his efforts, he was named “Communicator of the Month” for the month of July. Saxon’s willingness to step up and fill shifts when needed, due to unforeseen circumstances, showcases his reliability and dedication to the team. Saxon told us what drives his enthusiasm for cleaning with Lifestyle; “The Lifestyle team are really friendly, I get along with anyone and I haven’t worked with anyone I don’t like.”

The Enthusiastic Professional

His passion for his profession distinguishes Saxon from other cleaners in his field. His sincere enthusiasm for business cleaning is evident in each task he takes on. He approaches every business cleaning job with a contagious level of passion. He is a favourite among both his peers and supervisors due to his drive. “I love the variety of job sites I work at, I do a lot of wineries in the mornings, it’s very peaceful there, and the staff are really friendly,” said Saxon in reference to his enjoyment of the variety of commercial cleaning duties Lifestyle Cleaning Services has offered him.

Attention to Detail and Reliability

In the field of commercial cleaning, Saxon’s attention to detail is unrivalled. He does all in his power to keep every nook and cranny immaculate and every surface shining. Because of their dedication to excellence, they are a valuable asset to Lifestyle Cleaning Services. Furthermore, Saxon is outstanding in terms of dependability. Saxon is routinely the employee that our team leaders turn to when they need to fill a shift because of an illness or unforeseen circumstances. Their eagerness to help out when needed is evidence of their commitment and dependability.

The Perfect Cleaner to Book In

We asked Saxon what he likes to do in his own time away from the world of commercial cleaning, and he responded, “Reading books; my favourite genre is fantasy. The “Painted Man” books and “Lord of the Rings” are both excellent. I have always had easy access to any books I want because my Mum is a librarian.”

If your business values people like we value ours, Lifestyle Cleaning Services could be your perfect commercial cleaning partner. With professionals like Saxon on our team, you can trust us to deliver exceptional commercial cleaning services tailored to your needs.

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