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Newcastle, Clean your Asphalt: What are the Benefits of a Commercially Cleaned Carpark?

Managers of a Strata property and commercial business owners in Newcastle are likely aware that the cleanliness and maintenance of your carpark reflects directly on your brand and its associated reputation. Not only does a dirt-free, debris-free carpark project a positive image to customers and clients, it also enhances safety by preserving the longevity of your paved surfaces with consistent cleaning.

Partnering with a professional commercial cleaning service is one of the most cost-effective ways to keep your parking facilities looking their best year-round. Lifestyle Cleaning Services have extensive experience in carpark cleans, so we have fixed up a list of the benefits and  the procedures that drive a consistently clean and perfect parking space!

All Care, All Responsibility!

Unlike ad-hoc cleaning attempts, professional commercial cleaners are meticulous and thorough each time they service a client’s property. With detailed checklists and strict procedures, they clean corners, ramps, speed humps, exterior walls and all other areas. A professional cleaner’s standards remain consistent during every scheduled visit. Reputable commercial cleaning crews utilise commercial-grade products and industrial strength equipment designed for paved surfaces. High-powered pressure washers, commercial de-greasers, and heavy duty sweepers allow our cleaners to tackle even the most stubborn oil stains, tire marks, and ground-in debris that your carpark collects over time. 

Consistent Cleaning Extends Carpark Lifespan

Vigilant cleaning prevents the build up of stains, chemicals, and contaminants that can degrade asphalt and concrete over time. Pressure washing removes grime from cracks and crevices before it seeps in deeply. Professional cleaning protects your investment in your carparks.

When you partner with the right carpark cleaning company in Newcastle, the benefits are plentiful. Look for an insured, experienced provider who uses eco-friendly degreasing solutions. Request references from current clients with similar facilities

Enhanced Safety and Risk Reduction

Strata and commercial carparks are high traffic areas (all pun intended) especially in Newcastle. Consistent cleaning by the experts enhances safety by removing hazards like broken glass and slippery oil deposits. A commercial cleaner’s work often reduces risks like slips, trips & falls, vehicle collision damage, and vehicle underside corrosion from prolonged chemical exposure. At Lifestyle Cleaning Services, we asses the for overlooked risks such as for water run off into property amenities like stairways or elevator accesses. Our team is thorough in their cleaning to ensure that your commercial or Strata carpark doesn’t play host to unfortunate accidents,  that are preventable with consistent cleaning.

Park Your Client’s Worries with Consistent Cleans

With a consistent professional carpark cleaning schedule in place, your pavements and asphalt will stay pristine year-round – so you can focus on serving your customers or tenants.

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