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Post Pandemic Polish: Commercial Cleaning is still Important in Maitland!!

As business owners, we are all likely tired about referring to how our operations were impacted by the “Spicy Cough” in the last few years. Its not all doom and gloom however; we have learned a lot about the importance of keeping our work spaces clean from our shared experience of the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns. From these events, businesses have been taught effective hygiene procedures, which are the most effective sanitisers and face masks to protect our customers and staff and how far we should sit from our co-workers to have a ‘clean’ conversation! All jokes aside, keeping our work environments clean is still a key part of the daily grind, and professional commercial cleaning services can be a big help to any business that is finding it harder and harder to stay on top of daily sanitation.

The Best of the Best!

When it comes to keeping an Aussie business clean, a good commercial cleaning service can improve your work space drastically. Professional commercial cleaning teams have the skills, knowledge and training to to deliver pristine results consistently, and take the hassle out of your busy day. Cleaning teams are generally up-to-date on the best cleaning practices, utilise commercial grade cleaning equipment and can identify problem areas of any office space, no matter how big or small. By entrusting the cleaning responsibilities to professionals, like our team at LCS, you can ensure that your business receives the highest standard of cleanliness, contributing to a healthier and safer work environment.

Time + Energy = Money

One thing business owners know like the back of their hand is that a large amount of their financial success is attributed to the time and energy they have placed into growing their businesses. When the pandemic hit, businesses were flooded with guidelines and procedures that were strict and often overwhelming when dealing with other core operations. Professional cleaners made it their core mission to learn each procedure and government update so that their clients did not have the hassle of doing it themselves. In today’s slightly less strict landscape, commercial cleaners are still trained to high standards and are equipped with well-organised cleaning schedules and can efficiently complete required cleaning without disrupting office workflow. Additionally, hiring a commercial cleaning service eliminates the need to invest in expensive cleaning equipment, supplies, and the time and energy used to train your staff. This cost-effective solution not only ensures a thorough and consistent clean but also helps you allocate your financial resources more efficiently.

Health and Well-being

It can be considered common sense that working in a de-cluttered & clean space can have a positive effect on productivity and worker’s physical and mental health. Having a regularly cleaned office space can also protect your more vulnerable employees that may be more affected by bacteria or illness due to immune system deficiencies or unavoidable allergies that need to be constantly managed.  Professional commercial cleaning services follow strict sanitation protocols and use high-quality cleaning agents to eliminate bacteria, viruses, allergens, and other harmful substances from your premises. A clean and sanitised workplace reduces the risk of illnesses, allergies, and infections, leading to a decrease in absenteeism and increased productivity among all staff.

Commercial Cleaning: A Customisable Conclusion

Any service that is customer-centric should be tailored to needs of the client and provide solutions that leave them 100% satisfied with the result. The pandemic set high standards for the commercial cleaning space, and these standards have not left our team at Lifestyle Cleaning Services, even as the laws have relaxed. Our team evaluates each customers cleaning needs and create clean solutions that will save you time and money while improving the health and wellbeing of your staff. If your business is in need of an excellent cleaning service, give Lifestyle Cleaning Services a call on 02 4932 8187 for an obligation-free quote. You can also fill out a contact form here!

As Aussie businesses enter a new financial year, consider if your current cleaning services are giving you bang for your hard earned buck.

Happy Cleaning!