How professional cleaning services impact on the wellbeing of older and more vulnerable workers.

Protecting Vulnerable Employees is No Grey Area.

For the owner of any business or company, ensuring the health and safety of your workforce is paramount. This is even more important when you consider that the workforce of Australia is scaling with an aging population. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (2021), 67.9% of people aged 55-64 held some level of employment. With an aging workforce and the continuing COVID-19 pandemic in mind, it is now more crucial than ever to create a work environment that addresses their unique needs. This article will cover the reasons why investing in commercial cleaning services will help achieve this goal.

Minimising Exposure to Pathogens

As individuals age, their immune systems become less resilient. Professionally cleaned workplaces play a vital role in protecting employees over 55 by minimising their exposure to harmful pathogens. Skilled cleaning teams have the expertise and tools to thoroughly sanitise surfaces, eliminating germs, bacteria, and other nasty microbes that may cause illness. This reduces the risk of contagious diseases spreading within the workplace, creating a healthier environment for all employees, especially those who may be more vulnerable to infections.

Breathing Easier

Respiratory health is crucial for individuals of all ages, but it becomes even more important for older workers. Professionally cleaned workplaces ensure the removal of dust, allergens, and airborne particles that can trigger respiratory issues like asthma or allergies. High-quality air filtration systems, meticulous vacuuming, and regular cleaning of air ducts contribute to maintaining clean and breathable air. This cleaner air helps safeguard the respiratory health of employees over 55, allowing them to work comfortably and reducing the likelihood of respiratory ailments caused by poor indoor air quality.

WH&S Solutions – Reducing the Risk of Slips, Trips, and Falls

While adhering to WH&S regulations is important for the safety of all employees, older individuals are more prone to slips, trips, and falls, which can result in severe injuries. Professionally cleaned workplaces incorporate effective cleaning and maintenance strategies to reduce such accidents. Skilled cleaning teams ensure that floors are free from hazards, spills are promptly cleaned, and slippery surfaces are properly treated. By maintaining clean and well-maintained floors, the risk of accidents is significantly minimised, offering peace of mind and a safer environment for employees over 55.

Mental Health Benefits

A clean and organised workspace can positively impact the mental well-being of employees, particularly those over 55. Cluttered and untidy environments contribute to stress, anxiety, and can reduce productivity. Professionally cleaned workplaces create an atmosphere of cleanliness and order, which can alleviate stress and improve overall mental well-being. By investing in regular commercial cleaning services, you show your commitment to creating a positive work environment that supports the emotional health of your older employees.

Investing in Cleanliness for Ageless Success

Prioritising the cleanliness of your workplace through professional commercial cleaning services is an essential step in protecting employees over 55. Life Style Cleaning Services can assist any business in minimising exposure to pathogens, preventing respiratory issues, reducing the risk of accidents.

A professionally cleaned workplace creates a safer and healthier environment for older workers. Make the call on 02 4932 8187 for an obligation-free quote. Prioritise the health and well-being of your over 55 employees today, and reap the benefits of a thriving and productive workforce. You can also fill out a contact form here!