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The Benefits of Using Lifestyle Cleaning Services for Newcastle Strata.

In an ideal Strata world, we all want our tenants to be satisfied, happy, with complaint calls to the office kept to a minimum. While great feedback  from tenants can often feel elusive, there is one solution that will keep your tenants happier than ever. What? With a professional commercial cleaning company that is reliable, flexible, communicative and above all else, values people! Lifestyle Cleaning Services is THAT company! So please read our “Top 3” methods we use to satisfy our Newcastle and Hunter Strata clients on a daily basis.

A Reliable Cleaner = Value for Tenants

Lets start with a sweeping statement; “A reliable cleaner is  worth their weight in gold!”. At Lifestyle Cleaning, we live and breathe this statement. It is at the front of our minds every time we clean for our valued clients! None of your tenants (or even the general public) want to see dirty windows, overflowing bins or an unkempt common area. Tenants always want what they pay their Strata fees for; a well maintained and habitable living space, that was promised to them when they moved in. A strong and reliable commercial cleaning team can be one of the major ways to fulfil on your Strata service promise. Through our expert scheduling and training, our cleaners show up to every clean as we have a dedicated Strata team that takes care of your property’s needs so that your managers aren’t overwhelmed with calls regarding “Unkept areas” any more! 

Busy V.S Quiet

Commercial cleaners should always work closely with property owners and managers for flexibility and to fully understand when its busy versus when its quieter than Newcastle beach at 4am. Service customisation is a top priority, especially when generating quotes and structuring your daily cleans. The Supervising legends at Lifestyle Cleaning conduct hassle free assessments and accurate quoting when creating a value proposition for our clients. We know that ensuring scheduled cleans meets the standards of your Strata property and its aesthetic goals. Your Strata cleaning quote with Lifestyle Cleaning will include:

  • Tailored cleaning schedules that factor for Public Holidays
  • Detailed daily cleaning checklists,
  • A run-down of our procedures,
  • Added follow-up cleaning supervisor inspections
  • An enthusiastic & punctual cleaner
  • Unparalleled communication

All of these elements ensure our cleaning service delivery is top notch and meets your high Strata standards. The pain of unreliability is similar to being stood up on a first date; You’ve been looking forward to it since it was planned, but when they don’t show up, with not a phone call or even a text, it can be devastating! Our cleaners will always make sure to call if something goes wrong, we will ensure that the feeling of being “Stood Up” by your cleaner will never happen!

How Do I Look?: A Uniform Approach to Cleaning!

We’ve all had that one job interview where the applicant arrives with clothes that scream “I don’t really want to be here!”. This scenario isn’t great for a couple of reasons; it’s unappealing to the eye and is a waste of time. But what about the cleaners of a Strata or commercial property? Do you want a professional cleaner that shows up with a look that says “Don’t talk to me, I just woke up!”?

At Lifestyle Cleaning, we are aware that has happened in our industry, and it happens more often than not. That’s why we have designed a uniform that looks professional and well kept, and the cleaners that ware our uniforms ware them with a positive attitude and a smile! Our cleaners are always up for a quick chat with any tenant, ensuring that not only does the daily clean go well, but we also establish a warm rapport with your tenants.

 A Well Cleaned Strata is Pro-Rata to Tenant Wellbeing

Strata properties Newcastle and the Newcastle CBD are highly sort a. A well-maintained, spotless, and attractively presented Strata property is essential to drawing in high-value tenants to live in it. By partnering with a professional commercial cleaning service, like Lifestyle Cleaning Services, Strata managers can ensure that their properties not only meet their cleaning needs, but also exceed the expectations of residents and even future potential tenants. If you value people as much as you value your property and its occupancy, you might want to consider the team at Lifestyle Cleaning!

Start February off strong with a reliable commercial cleaning service that are experts in all things Strata! Contact Lifestyle Cleaning Services on (02) 4932 8187 for an obligation-free quote for your Strata common property. You can also fill out a contact form here.

People Who Value People, Value Lifestyle Cleaning Services!