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Team Member Profile: Kim, Our Administration Extraordinaire!

A proficient admin person is the cornerstone of any Australian business, big or small. Having someone who can efficiently book clients, roster staff, and communicate with customers politely and friendly is pivotal for a business’s reputation and growth. At Lifestyle Cleaning Services, we are fortunate to have Kim, our star in administration. Recently joining our team, Kim has swiftly become the driving force behind our team processes and assists clients with all their cleaning needs. We had a delightful interview with Kim to discuss her journey so far and her reflections on 2023 while working for Lifestyle Cleaning Services.

Kim is an intelligent and outgoing individual dedicated to steering Lifestyle Cleaning Services in the right direction. She met with Ann, our CEO, in January, and they instantly connected as if they were long-time friends. Ann appreciated Kim’s extensive administrative experience across various sectors and her ability to communicate respectfully and positively with both customers and staff. Reflecting on her time with Lifestyle Cleaning Services, Kim shared her motivation for joining: “I was seeking a new beginning and stumbled upon a job advertisement for a full-time admin position at Lifestyle Cleaning. During my interview with Ann, we clicked immediately, and I sensed it would be a fun and engaging work environment!”

Skills and Expertise:

With over three decades of administrative experience, Kim brings a wealth of knowledge to Lifestyle Cleaning. She has worked in diverse industries, including real estate, aged care, and automotive, to name a few. Kim thrives on the flexibility to work independently. She chose Lifestyle Cleaning for its culture, which nurtures personal and professional growth. Kim was pivotal in the implementation of new rostering software at Lifestyle Cleaning, significantly improving staff systems and procedures. Kim noted, “The transition to new rostering software was challenging, but streamlining the processes means our target for growth can be achieved without the usual growing pains.”

Lifelong Learning with Lifestyle:

Kim has not only been an office superstar, contributing significantly to our expansion but also fully embracing the Lifestyle culture and opportunities for personal development. When asked about her favourite aspect of working at Lifestyle, Kim enthusiastically shared, “I can confidently say it is one of the best roles I have ever had. Ann encourages me to learn, take on more responsibilities, and grow, which in turn helps grow Lifestyle Cleaning Services as a business”.

Fit and Fast for Admin:

When Kim is not taking client calls or managing the roster, she is often found working out at her local gym or attending a spin class. In addition to her commitment to fitness, Kim shared some exciting personal news: “I recently welcomed a new member into my home: Digby, an Australian Shepherd, and I also have a Golden Retriever named Piper.  I have three wonderful boys that I spend time with whenever I can; they have all moved out of home!” Kim’s addition to the team epitomises Lifestyle’s dedication to hiring only the best talent. With her 30 years of experience, unwavering commitment, and friendly demeanour, Kim has already cemented herself as a vital team member.

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