Team Member Profile: Nicole

Commercial cleaning services rely on competent personnel to provide services to customers, just like the majority of Australian businesses. But what about the supporting activities a business needs in order to remain viable and competitive? Because every business owner needs to know how much money is going in and out the door, accounting and bookkeeping are crucial duties that should be completed on a regular basis. Nicole, our star bookkeeper and accounting guru. has recently joined our team at Lifestyle Cleaning to keep all our figures healthy. We recently had a fireside chat with Nicole, who has a wealth of expertise in the accounting industry, to learn more about what she enjoys most about working for Lifestyle Cleaning.

First Impressions and Background:

When Nicole and our CEO, Ann, met for an interview for an accounting position a few months ago, Nicole left her wowed by her knowledge and expertise. Nicole was a great fit for the Lifestyle Cleaning team and culture because of her outgoing nature and positive attitude. Nicole enjoys her accounting work immensely and has previously worked in the commercial cleaning industry, making her the perfect bookkeeper. Nicole shared her history in the industry:

“I have been an accountant/book keeper for about 25 years. I’ve predominantly worked with tradesmen and builders and I have worked as a cleaner in the past, so I know what the industry is like”

Skills and expertise:

As mentioned, Nicole has worked in the accounting and bookkeeping field for 25 years, which has undoubtedly enriched our team’s skill set. Nicole has extensive experience working in a number of different sectors, including mining, rail, retail, and maritime, to name a few. An unabashed “perfectionist”, Nicole chose to work at Lifestyle because she is passionate about assisting businesses in expanding through efficient bookkeeping and accounting practices. “I am a bit of a perfectionist and I like seeing things done right, and I think this translates well to the accounting and bookkeeping roles,” Nicole said when describing her love for business development. “What motivates me to get out of bed each morning is the satisfaction I experience from knowing that the information on the page is accurate and that doing so benefits the company I am supporting.”

Bridging the gap between numbers and staff:

 Nicole, who is an expert with numbers, doesn’t see her job as only preparing P&L statements and crunching figures. She is aware that each transaction is supported by front-line employees, each of whom has a different set of circumstances and experiences. She has been able to close the gap between the business’s financial operations and the people who run them because of her ability to understand our team members and communicate with them effectively.

Nicole’s co-workers really appreciate her friendly demeanour and eagerness to provide advice. Nicole makes sure that every report is flawlessly written and simple to comprehend, whether she is discussing financial data to the administrative team or offering advice on budgets. Nicole shared with us her favourite aspects of working at Lifestyle Cleaning:

“The variety of work and the challenge of it, keeps my mind active and that’s something I crave in all of my work. I don’t like dull and boring routines and that’s why I like working for Lifestyle”

Lighting the way for Prosperity

When Nicole isn’t crunching the numbers and keeping books balanced, she love exercising and enjoys candle making and tending to her garden in her spare time. Nicole also has a passion for learning and is currently studying constitutional law and courses on setting up foundations for businesses.

Nicole’s arrival is a testament to the Lifestyle’s commitment to bringing only the best talent on board. With her 25 years of experience, unwavering commitment, and personable approach, Nicole has already become an invaluable asset to the team.

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