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Team Member Profile: Patrick, A Model for Leadership

If you had asked us three months ago if “Previous Experience in Modelling” was a relevant selection criteria for hiring a new cleaner, we’d have said “No!”. The latest addition to our leadership team, Patrick Sherwin, would answer “yes” to that criteria however, and we are all the more for it. Despite being with us for just three short months, Patrick has already made a remarkable impact, demonstrating his exceptional leadership skills and dedication. Recently, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Patrick to find out more about him.

From the moment Patrick walked into our office, his passion and enthusiasm for cleaning were immediately recognised. Patrick brings valuable experience to the Lifestyle team with over 20 years in the commercial cleaning industry, 2.5 of those as a leading hand for “Spec Services” in Newcastle. Patrick has enjoyed his career as a commercial cleaner, jokingly telling us that cleaning is “What I’m good at!”.

Skills and expertise:

Patrick possesses an impressive array of skills that have proven to be instrumental in enhancing Lifestyle Cleaning Service’s commercial and builders cleaning services. He has a keen eye for detail, ensuring that every clean is performed with maximum effort, often going above and beyond for our clients. Patrick has provided Lifestyle Cleaning Services with exceptional organisational abilities that have streamlined our operations, ensuring that our cleaning schedules are well managed and our team is efficient. Moreover, Patrick has a deep understanding of industry standards and the expectations of commercial business owners in the Hunter. Patrick told us that in his Leading Hand role, he “liaised with lots of tradesmen and building companies while managing staff and time sheets!”. This has certainly been evident in the positive feedback we have received from clients who have worked with Patrick and have been impressed by the thorough nature of his office cleans.

Leadership Qualities:

As Day Supervisor, Patrick has demonstrated natural leadership qualities, inspiring our team to perform at their best. We asked Patrick what he enjoys most about being in a leadership role: “Just being able to interact with people, the travelling and teaching new staff the “tips and tricks” of the trade that I have picked up from my experiences”.

Patrick leads by example, consistently exhibiting professionalism, integrity, and a strong work ethic. His approachable and upbeat personality encourages open communication, fostering collaboration in our team and a great work environment for our staff. Patrick is always available to answer questions, provide guidance, and offer support to our cleaning staff, ensuring that they feel valued and motivated to excel in their roles.

Cleaning is no Game!

We asked Patrick what he enjoys doing while he is not being our cleaning extraordinaire: “I like emulating older video games on my PC, especially the old PS1 classics!”.

In a few short months, Patrick has become an invaluable asset to Lifestyle Cleaning Services. His exceptional skills, and dedication to client satisfaction have had a positive impact on our clients and our team already. We are incredibly fortunate to have Patrick as a leader on our team, and we look forward to seeing his continued growth and success within our organisation.

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