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Team Member Profile: Rebekah

We talk a lot about cleaning at LCS and its importance for businesses, it’s in our company’s blood and our culture, it is who we are as a business and as a team. So if we had to choose a team member who embodies those values the most, it would be our night commercial cleaning supervisor, Rebekah. Rebekah is a gun when it comes to commercial cleaning and a model leader for our night shift cleaners. We recently had the pleasure of having a chat with Rebekah about her experiences and challenges, as well as what she enjoys about her role, and what experience she brings to our team. Read to the end to find out about the two quirky names she gave to her two dogs (they are cute, we promise!) and get to know more about Rebekah along the way.

First Impressions and Background:

Rebekah walked into the Lifestyle Cleaning Services office over four months ago. She immediately caught the attention of our CEO, Ann, as she brought over 10 years of commercial cleaning experience with her to the interview. Rebekah told us why she chose to work for LCS:

“I needed more of a step up in my experience, felt really tired of basic duties, and wanted to step up into a leadership role. This was not available with my previous employer and LCS offered this opportunity to me after I explained my situation. After my interview with Ann, I knew it was just meant to be!”

 Skills and expertise:

As mentioned, Rebekah has been working in the commercial cleaning industry space for over 10 years, which certainly brings a lot of skills and knowledge to our team. Rebekah has experience in various types of cleans including business, Air BnBs, and end-of-lease cleans and she also knows how to utilise carpet cleaning equipment. Rebekah has a knack for builders’ cleans, which are often complex and require a lot of effort and precision to be completed effectively. We asked her what she enjoys most about builders cleans:

“I really enjoy builders’ cleans. It’s about the satisfaction of completing such a large task and the trust that the client gives us to complete the work.”

Leadership Qualities:

As our night shift supervisor, Rebekah has demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities, inspiring our team to perform at their best on every shift. LCS consistently strives to deliver quality results and expert customer service to our clients, and Rebekah delivers this in spades. Her enthusiasm for commercial cleaning and her motivation to provide the best result to our clients provides a shining example for the rest of our team to follow. Rebekah told us what she enjoys most about commercial cleaning for Lifestyle:

“The satisfaction you get out of cleaning an area and the overall client satisfaction. I get clients to come up to me and tell me “You’re doing a great job!” and I feel great inside. Doing my job makes them (the clients) happy.”

Fit for Cleaning across the board

Rebekah may be an exceptional commercial cleaner by night, but in the early hours of the morning, she attends regular CrossFit classes at 4 am. Rebekah also enjoys running with her two dogs, “Psycho” (A Staffy) & “Kaos” (A cross Rottweiler/Kelpie), as well as going to the park with them on her days off.

In just four short months, Rebekah has become an invaluable asset to Lifestyle Cleaning Services. Her exceptional skills, leadership qualities, and dedication to client satisfaction have had a positive impact on our clients and our team.

If you think an enthusiastic & dedicated commercial cleaner, like Rebekah, would be great for your office cleaning or next builders’ clean, give Lifestyle Cleaning Services a call; (02) 4932 8187. You can also fill out a contact form here!

Happy Cleaning!