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The Power of Recognition: Employee Appreciation & Staff Retention

Staff turnover is a challenge that most industries face and can often be one of the hardest things about running a business. The cost of losing a staff member, hiring and training can leave a huge dent in the monthly budget and can also affect your relationship with clients. It’s all too common, in a post pandemic world, for workers to leave in search of better opportunities or higher pay. At Lifestyle Cleaning Services have made it our goal to be recognised as an employer of choice, in the world of commercial cleaning, and one of the main drivers in keeping committed employees is the strength of acknowledgement and practical employee appreciation programs.

Employee appreciation goes beyond mere acknowledgment; it’s about making our team members feel valued, supported, and motivated. Over the years, we regularly review our approach to recognition, and the results have been positive for the retention of staff in our business. Some of the recognition strategies that have proven to work well for us include:

Personalised Recognition: One of the most effective ways to show appreciation is by acknowledging each team member’s unique contributions. Personalised recognition can be as simple as a handwritten note or a face-to-face conversation, highlighting specific achievements and qualities that make an employee stand out as well as highlighting the positive impact their work has had on other team members.

Our supervisors regularly perform inspections of our staff’s work to make sure that their work remains to our high standards. It is not only a great tool for ensuring a high quality of service for our clients, but also provides feedback to our team members. The process is deliberately exacting. In recent months, we have started recognising staff members that have achieved inspection scores of 100/100 at our monthly toolbox talks. This not only allows our company to show gratitude to staff, but also encourages other staff to strive for the top score on every cleaning check.

Team Meetings: While team meetings are not a new technique for staff engagement, their contribution to team bonding and cohesion can not be understated. As mentioned, we host monthly toolbox meetings which all staff must attend. This not only gives us an opportunity to provide mandatory work education, but also to award our high performing staff with recognition. We also use this as a platform to celebrate birthdays and staff achievements/work anniversaries. The education in this space is also important for staff retention and productivity and we often also include team building activities to help them appreciate the role they play within a bigger team of people they inadvertently rely on.

Performance Incentives: Offering tangible rewards or incentives can be a great way to express appreciation. This might include gift cards, bonuses, or extra paid time off for exemplary performance. For our team, we provide a quarterly “Staff Social” club event where staff are invited to share a meal and do activities (in fact they determine the activity) together that is co-funded by the company and social club members. We also reward team members who have assisted with the growth of the company or provided exemplary communication to supervisors during work.

Professional Development Opportunities: Supporting employees in their career growth can be a form of recognition in itself. Offering opportunities for training, advancement, or certifications can demonstrate a commitment to their long-term success. Career development and pathways can be difficult to find in a highly fluid industry like commercial cleaning. We have gotten creative with how we provide pathways to more onsite responsibilities, varied work tasks and financial incentives for our dedicated staff.

Another development opportunity we actively embrace is offering our employees the chance to pursue external education with third-party training providers. This initiative extends beyond our front-line cleaners and includes our supervisors. We understand that building skills and knowledge outside the realm of cleaning is a valuable asset to both our team members and the company as a whole. By providing our supervisors with opportunities to acquire new skills that directly benefit our organisation, we demonstrate our commitment to their professional growth and fulfilment.

This strategy reflects our determination to become an “employer of choice” in the commercial cleaning sector, as well as our commitment to employee development. Our team members are able to imagine a long-term future with us because they know that we care about their development and welfare both inside and outside of the cleaning sector.

Flexible Work Arrangements: In an industry with demanding schedules, offering flexibility can be a highly appreciated benefit. The reality for most people is “Life Happens!” and inconveniences can occur when you least expect them. At Lifestyle Cleaning Services, we understand that our employees have diverse personal commitments and responsibilities that extend beyond the workplace. This insight guides our commitment to offering flexible work arrangements.

For example, we recognise the particular difficulties that our team’s mums have in juggling their job obligations with their families’ requirements. We help these industrious people by allowing them to modify their work schedules, particularly after school, so they may continue to be devoted cleaners and loving parents. This flexibility not only shows our sincere understanding and support for our employees, but it also lessens the pressure of balancing work and family life.

Ongoing Recognition = Staff Retention

Employee appreciation isn’t just a one-time effort; it’s the beating heart of a successful employee wellness program. By consistently implementing these strategies, we’ve seen a significant reduction in staff turnover and a noticeable boost in employee morale and job satisfaction. Our team members are not just employees; they are an integral part of our services, and their dedication and hard work are at the core of our success as a commercial cleaning company.

In the realm of commercial cleaning, where stress levels are high, recognition plays a crucial role. We move Lifestyle Cleaning Services towards the status of an employer of choice by recognising the vital contributions of our team, which inspires employees to provide outstanding client service. We consider employee appreciation to be an essential component of our company culture, not just a throw away tactic.