Wellness Programs: The Balance Between Productivity and Wellbeing.

It is widely accepted among business leaders, from CEOs to owners of small businesses, that employee retention serves as vital to the survival and expansion of a business or company. According to a 2016 article published by the American Psychological Association, 89% of employees at companies that support wellness programs are more inclined to advocate for their place of employment. Training your core employees is a time-consuming and resource-intensive process, and the objective is always for them to stay employed for “the long haul”… But what can we do to ensure the satisfaction and well-being of our employees? How can I inspire my staff to return to work every day? The answer: Employee Wellness Programs!

There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach; so it is essential to tailor your wellness programs to your employee’s needs and your industry. For example, construction company employees may not qualify for work-from-home options but may benefit from team activity days that foster collaboration and social cohesion. This article discusses the wide range of wellness program options available to Australian business owners and the benefits your business will experience if utilised.

 Physical Fitness Programs

According to the most recent Australian statistical data, “three out of ten adults” aged 18 to 64 are insufficiently physically active (AIHW, 2022). The AIHW defines sufficient physical activity for adults to include “150 minutes moderate to vigorous activity across 5 or more days a week.” This information provides businesses with the opportunity to source physical wellness options that can assist employees with their physical health, and break the cycle of inactivity among Aussie adults. Boosting employee health and reducing absenteeism also requires the workplace promotion of physical wellness. The provision of on-site fitness facilities or gym memberships is one of this category’s most effective initiatives. These programs encourage employees to prioritise their physical health by increasing the accessibility of multiple exercise options for employees and owners alike. There are corporate fitness partners, in Australia, who can provide discounted access to fitness facilities for you and your employees.

Celebrating Employee Performance

Celebrating your staff’s “wins” are a great way to maintain consistent employee motivation. When businesses fail to emphasise the success of a month or a work project, employees may feel that their contributions are undervalued and be less motivated for the following month or project. The “Company Seal” award was created by our company to recognise cleaners who go above and beyond for our clients. This is typically presented during our monthly team toolbox meetings, and we’ve discovered that it allows the team to recognise and encourage their colleagues for their efforts throughout the month.

Mental Health Assistance

Recognising and addressing mental health issues and how they affect employees is essential for fostering an atmosphere that is supportive and welcoming. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS, 2022), 44% of Australians have experienced a mental health disorder in their lifetime. This means that two out of every five of your employees may have a debilitating mental health condition or may live with someone who does. In Australia, “Employee Assistance Programs” (EAPs) are widely acknowledged to be an effective solutions in this area. EAPs provide confidential counselling services to employees that may be suffering from stress, anxiety, or another mental health condition. Employees with access to EAPs will receive coping and mental health management strategies, in addition to the tools that help them confront personal and professional challenges. This can result in improved resilience, well-being, and productivity in both their personal and professional lives.

Financial Education Options

In tandem with the consistent rise in the cost of living in Australia, employee financial strain has increased across the country. This level of stress can have a significant impact on employee health and even result in mental health and productivity issues. As employers, we are able to provide financial wellness programs that promote financial literacy, debt management, and long-term planning. In the financial planning industry, referral associates could be a possibility. Providing access to a discounted consultation with a financial planner may provide peace of mind for your employees, by alleviating financial concerns with professional advice. This may also have the added benefit of reducing employee stress through education and planning that offers them a financial goal to pursue through their employment.

 Employee Achievement = Organisational Achievement

 Investing in wellness programs for employees is an investment in the success and long-term sustainability of a business. Businesses can cultivate a culture of health and productivity by prioritising employees’ physical and mental health, celebrating successes, and promoting financial awareness.

As a director and business owner, it is my responsibility to prioritise the welfare of my staff. Implementing employee wellness programs, such as team outcome celebrations, is essential for employee retention and sustained business output. A strong emphasis on employee well-being also allows me to attract top talent to my organisation, allowing my business to provide superior service to my clients.

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