Window Cleaning-New Castle

Looking For The Best Window Cleaning Services in Newcastle?

Are your windows looking a little grimy? Window cleaning has often been neglected by homeowners and business owners. This often leaves residue that could eventually damage your glass windows. Good thing, Lifestyle Cleaning Services is here to take care of your Window cleaning in Newcastle!

We clean all types of windows and glass-like surfaces for both residential and commercial properties. Using our special pole brush system, we can reach up to 5 stories with no ladders required, which saves you on labor costs. We also use our water purifier system, which means your windows will dry clear and no chemicals are needed.

Residential windows— We do more than wash the windowpanes: we clean the tracks, flyscreens and frames, too!  We also clean skylights, pool fences, glass doors and showers… anything in your home that you want to see sparkling clean and streak-free.

Commercial windows and shopfronts— We’re known for our attention to detail and our commitment our clients. When we clean your windows we go beyond the surface— we make sure the frames, sills, handles, and everything else is clean and customer-ready.

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