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Clean & Clear-Cut Advice: Top Three ways to check your Commercial Cleaning Company is working for you!

If you’re a business owner or director, you know that a clean and organised workplace isn’t just for show; it has real effects on staff efficiency and morale. Any time a customer visits your business, they should have the feeling that they have arrived at a trustworthy and dependable organisation. To sustain a clean and presentable business, a trustworthy commercial cleaning service is crucial for successful businesses in Australia, especially in the Hunter region. But how can you know if the cleaning service you’ve hired is up to standard? The Lifestyle Cleaning Services team has prepared a quick list of the top three tips for evaluating your business cleaning service’s effectiveness, including the common items that are missed by standard cleaning teams.

  1. Commitment & Consistency

 A trustworthy commercial cleaning service always operates on a foundation of commitment and consistency.  Checking whether or not your cleaning service consistently satisfies your standards for cleanliness should be your first concern as a director or manager. A trustworthy cleaning service should be able to ensure a consistently clean office or workspace no matter the day of the week if your business cleaning service is up to par.

To get the ball rolling, ensure that you cleaning service has an outline of your businesses exact requirements (scope) up front. Both parties  benefit from having access to a detailed cleaning checklist outlining all of the jobs and spaces that need to be cleaned. It will be easier to track the company’s progress over time if this checklist is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Your cleaning company should have a practice of inspecting their own cleaners work on a regular basis. Check that your cleaning company has this and ask them to send you copies of their inspection reports. You will know immediately how they themselves manage quality control and how they view transparency.

Check the high traffic areas of your business, including walkways and common areas for debris or dust. Also pay close attention to shared spaces such as kitchens and restrooms, where sanitation is of paramount importance. Keeping these high traffic areas clean and clear of debris is also important for fulfilling a businesses WHS Regulation Obligations. If these areas are spotless, it is a sure sign that your business’s commercial cleaning service cares about doing a good job.

In addition to inspection reports and checklists, it is also crucial consider the areas within your office or business that are commonly missed by cleaners or even staff. These include often-neglected zones, such as high shelves, air vents, light fixtures, and the undersides of furniture, can be easily and often overlooked.

  1. Response Times

The success of any business partnership relies of effective communication and swift response times. Decent commercial cleaners will listen to their customers’ feedback, fix their issues, and adjust their methods as needed. An organisation that is committed to its customers and willing to constantly improve its offerings will prioritise open lines of communication.

Maintain constant contact with your cleaning service so that you can get in touch with them anytime you need to. Make sure you can quickly send any questions, comments, or concerns by phone, email, or a dedicated website. A reliable cleaning service will respond promptly to your inquiry and take prompt action to address any issues that may arise.

Consider the organization’s adaptability in the face of unexpected challenges. If your cleaning service is able to come in early for a critical client visit or quickly clean up after an emergency, they will demonstrate their reliability and adaptability.

  1. Employee Training and Professionalism

A business cleaning company’s professionalism and dedication to excellence are reflected in the calibre of its staff. Asking a cleaning service about their hiring and training practises is an important part of the evaluation process. A dependable firm will provide its staff with regular training in order to ensure that they are up-to-date on the most recent cleaning strategies and security measures.

When you stop by the office, observe the cleaners to see how they act and how they look. Dressing in a uniform and maintaining high standards of personal cleanliness are hallmarks of professionalism. Talk to the cleaning crew and find out how well they understand the supplies and techniques they use. Team members that are knowledgeable and secure in their abilities are more likely to clean thoroughly and efficiently. Additionally, you should look into the company’s staff turnover rate. Consistently high employee turnover could be an indication of problems within the organisation that are affecting service quality. Cleaning results are more likely to be consistent and reliable when the cleaning staff is stable and well-trained.

At Lifestyle Cleaning Services we have made staff wellbeing, training and acknowledgement a priority and this has reaped rewards for our business and our clients with a very low staff turnover rate.

We find the best clients share the same value. People who value people value Lifestyle Cleaning Services.

 A Clean Path Ahead

 Maintaining a neat and tidy office is crucial to the success of any company in Australia. A partnership with a trustworthy commercial cleaning service in the Hunter will improve morale and protect your company’s image. You may confirm the reliability of your preferred cleaning service by checking their standards of cleanliness, their ability to communicate with you, and their overall professionalism.

You can focus on running your business while having peace of mind that your commercial cleaning agreement is being evaluated on a regular basis against these criteria.

If a committed and consistent commercial cleaning service is something your business needs, consider contacting Lifestyle Cleaning Services on 02 4932 8187 for an obligation free quote! You can also fill out a contact form here!

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