8 Facts you should know about commercial cleaning

8 Rapid Fire Facts About Office & Facility Cleanliness: Commercial Cleaning Edition.

As much as we love talking about all things commercial cleaning, talking about “Wiping down a surface and why its good for your health” can get a bit on the bland side for everyone. So, the team here thought it would be fun to spice things up a bit with a quick TOP 8 list of rapid fire commercial cleaning facts.

Cleaning Fact 1: Bacteria can multiply by up to 31% per day on uncleaned surfaces. It’s unsettling but true – germs proliferate rapidly on areas not regularly disinfected or consistently cleaned. No wonder regular cleaning was so important during the Lockdowns!

Cleaning Fact 2: 50-60% of the average person’s time is spent in the office & over 90% of office workers will contract a contagious illness during their career due to poor hygiene! Offices, like any other environments where people frequent, are breeding grounds for bacteria and disease. Schools, aged care facilities, office spaces and Strata properties are certainly counted among these breeding grounds, so making consistent commercial cleaning a top priority in these spaces.

Cleaning Fact 3: There is a common misconception that 70-80% of dust is comprised of dead skin cells. Humans shed 1/3 of an ounce (9.4grams approx) of skin daily. While this is may seem like a lot, dust actually contains a lot more than dead skin; dust is a combination of pollen, hair, textile fibers, soil minerals and other elements. This makes regular dusting a must, until humans invent a way to no longer need oxygen from the environment.

Cleaning Fact 4: Believe it or not, office desks and keyboards host more germs than a toilet seat! This isn’t because your people don’t know how to wash their hands (at lease we hope not), it is due to these office items being ‘High-touch’ surfaces. Desktop phones, computer mouses and keyboards, stationery and draw handles, if left un-sanitised, allow microbes to rapidly accumulate. Proper disinfection is key for workspace hygiene.

Cleaning Fact 5: Studies have shown that office desk phones can harbour up to 25,000 bacteria per square inch! The warm environment and constant handling create a paradise for germs to multiply. It might be time to hang up and grab the disinfectant wipes before giving us a call!

Cleaning Fact 6: Surprisingly, vacuum cleaners can aid in the spread of bacteria into the air unless they are equipped with HEPA filtration, or similar, filters. Thankfully, professional commercial cleaners, like Lifestyle Cleaning, have such equipped vacuums.

Cleaning Fact 7: In an ideal world/workplace, bathroom germs and bacteria would stay where they belong… in the bathroom!! Unfortunately, 20% of male and 16% of female (Food Safety Council, 2022) office workers fail to wash their hands properly after using the restroom. YUCK!!

Cleaning Fact 8: Did you know your window can develop tiny cracks and appear cloudy if not cleaned properly and regularly? This is a phenomenon called “Glass Cancer” (see article). Using a chemical free approach such as pure water, is one way to prevent this.

The Facts of the (Commercial Cleaning) Matter

That was very interesting, even our team wasn’t aware of Fact 3! While these facts are interesting, and in some cases a little spooky, being armed with this knowledge as an employee or manager is important in helping prevent workplace illness. While the team at Lifestyle Cleaning Services can’t force you to wash your hands, we can certainly assist with consistent dusting, sanitisation and chemical free window cleaning.

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